Prana Filmes

The Little Life of the Big People

(16 mm, 10 min, color, 1993)
(1.33, Mono Optical Sound)

Two obese movie goers have a life together, until a diet – and a tragedy – separates them. Filmed in 16mm, this short film is the result of Oficinema, a film workshop made by Carlos Gerbase and Luciana Tomasi at the Goethe Institute in 1993.


Directed by: Students of Oficinema 1993
General Director: Mathias Allary
Executive Producer: Luciana Tomasi
Screenplay and cinematography: Jaime Lerner
Soundtrack: Ricardo Severo
Production Manager: Luciana Tomasi
Editing: Vera Freire

Main Cast
Leverdógil de Freitas (He)
Márcia Curcio (She)