Prana Filmes

Cine Santander Cultural - Final Year Program

November 19th, 2018

And to close 2018, Cine Santander Cultural presents a must-see for fans of one of Hollywood’s most creative filmmakers today: Wes Anderson, Visual Poet brings eight director-length feature films. The retrospective includes his first work – Pura Adrenalina, 1996, never released on DVD or blu-ray in Brazil, and subtitled for the show. Anderson is also honored Sunday Cultural on December 23, when his animation The Fantastic Mr. Raposo wins three free and dubbed sessions for the whole family!

[Programming grid]

20/11 – Tuesday

15h Lisbon Revisited Edgar Pêra

17h The Light Uncertain Margarida Gil

19h The Wind Out There Marcio Debellian

21/11 – Wednesday

15h Movie of the Desassossego João Botelho

17h Ophiussa: A City of Fernando Pessoa Fernando Carrilho

7 pm The Luz Incerta Margarida Gil

11/22 – Thursday

15h Ophiussa: A City of Fernando Pessoa Fernando Carrilho

17h Lisbon Revisited Edgar Pêra

19h Film of Desassossego João Botelho