Love Drain

During a routine inspection in an underground sewage gallery, a worker begins an obscure relationship.


Directed by: Augusto Canani
Producer: Luciana Tomasi
Screenplay: Augusto Canani e Lucas Gonzaga
Cinematography: Alberto La Salvia
Art Direction: Vicente Saldanha
Soundtrack: Augusto Canani
Production Director: Jéssica Luz
Editing: Lucas Gonzaga
Osmar Prado Nelson Diniz Pilly Calvin Rafael Tombini Sirmar Antunes
IX Fantaspoa – Porto Alegre International Fantastic Film Festival Best National Short Film
16th LA Shorts International Film Festival Best Foreign Film


  • 23rd São Paulo International Short Film Festival – Kinoforum (Brazil, 2012)
  • 22nd Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival – Curta Cinema (Brazil, 2012)
  • 4th British Independent Film Festival (UK, 2013)
  • IX Fantaspoa – Porto Alegre International Fantastic Film Festival (Brazil, 2013)
  • 16th LA Shorts International Film Festival (USA, 2012)


  • The short film was nominated for the 2013 ABC Cinematography Award in the category Short Film – Best Cinematography.

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