In 1961, the Governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Leonel Brizola, leads the Legality, an unprecedented movement in Brazilian history. He mobilizes the population in a resistance movement when João Goulart’s term as president is at stake. With the imminence of a military coup, a mysterious journalist can change the course of the country.


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Directed by: Zeca Brito
Screenplay: Leo Garcia e Zeca Brito
Producer: Luciana Tomasi
Editing: Alfredo Barros
Cinematography: Bruno Polidoro
Art Direction: Adriana Nascimento Borba
Production Director: Glauco Urbim
Sound: Gogó Conteúdo Sonoro
Cleo (Cecília) Fernando Alves Pinto (Luis Carlos) José Henrique Ligabue (Tonho) Leonardo Machado (Leonel Brizola) Letícia Sabatella (Blanca)
42th Guarnicê Film Festival Best Direction, Best Picture, Best Art Direction and Best Actor for Leonardo Machado
14th National Film and Video Meeting of the Sertões Best Picture, Best Art Direction, Best Actor (for Fernando Alves Pinto), Best Costume Design and Best Screenplay
3rd Moody Crab International Film Festival Best Feature Film
Mostra XI Brazilian Film Festival Best Film and Best Director


  • 16th Festival Internacional Piriápolis de Película (Uruguay, 2019)
  • 35th Chicago Latino Film Festival (USA, 2019)
  • 42th Guarnicê Film Festival (Brazil, 2019)
  • 11th Seattle Latino Film Festival (USA, 2019)
  • 22nd ICARO – Festival Internacional de Cine en Centroamérica (Guatemala, 2019)
  • 1st Wallachia Film Festival (Romania, 2019)
  • 16th Festival de Cine y Derechos Humanos de Barcelona (Spain, 2019)
  • 13th Santa Maria Video and Cinema (Brazil, 2019)
  • 18th Guaíba Student Film Festival (Brazil, 2019)
  • 3rd Moody Crab International Film Festival (India, 2019)
  • 1st Malabo International Music & Film Festival (Equatorial Guinea, 2019)
  • 14th National Film and Video Meeting of the Sertões (Brazil, 2019)
  • 11th FESTin  – Brazilian Film Festival (Brazil, 2020)
  • Mostra XI: Brazilian Film Series (USA, 2021)


“Developed since 2011, the project has had research conducted by producer Luciana Tomasi and by the writers, who have held meetings with names like Carlos Araújo, Flavio Tavares, AlceuColares, Juremir Machado, Juliana Brizola, Carlos Bastos, among others.”
(COLETIVA.NET, 05/12/2017)

“Produced by Prana Filmes, to be released in 2018, Resistance focuses on the love triangle between fictional characters engulfed by the whirlwind of the events of those 14 days. Fernando Alves Pinto, a well-known face of the national cinema, protagonist of ‘Terra Estrangeira’ and ‘Dois Coelhos’, lives the anthropologist Luis Carlos, who fights with his brother, the journalist Tonho (José Henrique Ligabue), the attentions of the international correspondent Cecília, interpreted by Cleo. The character of Luis Carlos is one of the ways the director anchors, in a symbolic way, the history of Legality in a bigger picture of tensions of the national history.”
(Carlos André Moreira, GAÚCHA-ZH, 05/22/2017)

“In the nights of the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, the cast shoot the film that promises to reveal details of the campaign led by Leonel Brizola. The story will be told from a fictional love story between three people: two brothers involved in the movement fall in love with the same woman, a foreign journalist.”
(G1-RS, 05/23/2017)

“Starring Cléo, Fernando Alves Pinto and Leonardo Machado, the film will rescue an important episode that marked political life in the second half of the twentieth century in Brazil, combining historical research and reconstitution with a fictional plot.”
(Robledo Milani, PAPO DE CINEMA, 06/02/2017)

“ZECA BRITO: Actually, the first person that me and Léo Garcia looked for, when we were with the project ready, was Luciana Tomasi, from Prana Films. We were looking for a producer who could tell this story and raise this project, which we knew would take time to materialize. First of all, because of the complexity of the story itself, to synthesize a real story within a cinematic narrative of 90, or whatever, 120 minutes, and also because of the complexity of reconstituting an era, which has a cost and such, and that would require a producer who would have had the courage to face this project for a long time. And Luciana was the one who believed in it.”
(CULTURÍSSIMA, 07/02/2017)

“In Porto Alegre, actors Leonardo Machado (41), Cleo (34) and Fernando Alves Pinto (48) filmed the feature film Resistance, which tells the story of the movement of the same name in the 1960s. The work is directed by Zeca Brito (30).”
(CARAS MAGAZINE, 07/14/2017)


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