Less Than Nothing

Dante is hospitalized in a psychiatric institution with a diagnosis of schizophrenia. He doesn’t talk to anyone, nor receives visitors, remaining indifferent to the world. A young psychiatrist takes an interest in the case after seeing Dante break into the hospital yard. Determined to unveil her patient’s social relationships, the doctor conducts a series of interviews with people who lived with him prior to hospitalization. Part psychological drama, part police investigation, “Less Than Nothing” is also a reflection on the limits of the treatment of mental disorders.


Where to Watch
Claro TV+ – https://tinyurl.com/2p8mrzw4
Sulflix – https://tinyurl.com/ynpxbhup

Written and directed by: Carlos Gerbase
Producer: Luciana Tomasi
Editing: Giba Assis Brasil
Cinematography: Marcelo Nunes
Art Direction: Rita Faustini
Production Manager: Jessica Luz
Sound: Rafael Rodrigues
Sound Supervisor: Kiko Ferraz
Soundtrack: Nenung, Marcelo 4Nazzo e Biba Meira
Felipe Kannenberg (Dante) Branca Messina (Paula) Rosanne Mulholland (René) Maria Manoella (Berenice) Carla Cassapo (Laura) Roberto Oliveira (Gregório) Artur Pinto (Sérgio) Alexandre Vargas (Ciro) Felipe Monaco (Zanata) Elisa Volpatto (Úrsula) Matheus Zoltowski (Dante criança) Letícia Lahude (Berenice criança)


  • 65th Marché du Film Cannes – Festival de Cannes (France, 2012)
  • Ventana Sur Film Market Screening (Argentine, 2012)
  • 7th Cyprus International Film Festival 2012 (Cyprus, 2012) – Nominated for Best International Film
  • 4th Brazil Film Fest em Sydney (Australia, 2013)
  • 14th FICA – Goiás International Environmental Film and Video Festival (Brazil, 2012)
  • IV International Festival of Frontier Cinema (Brazil, 2012)
  • Belo Horizonte Development Film Festival (Brazil, 2013)
  • IX Fiesp Award – Sesi SP de Cinema (Brazil, 2013)
  • Festival SESC Best Films (Brazil, 2013)

“(…) Less Than Nothing is an interesting proposal, for the subject and for its sincerity and technical quality that stand in the lack of resources of a very limited production. With a talented cast and a well-crafted photography, the film manages to engage the audience, being very well driven by Gerbase lenses.”
(Rodrigo Ferreira, PORTAL KRITZ, 06/20/2012)

“Little by little, the pieces make up a puzzle that at times reminds of ‘Spellbound’ by Hitchcock, but instead of dreams the puzzles appear in the statements. (…) The film can also refer to the great cinema classic, ‘Citizen Kane’, in one of the most beautiful scenes of the film: as a child, Dante is forced by his repressive mother to end his friendship with Berenice, who, as a souvenir , presents him with her hat. Dante loses his mother immediately and buries the gift in the cemetery as a symbol of the two losses. Already in the hospital, his constant digging in search of an unknown object becomes poetically clear: Rosebud flourishes.”
(Alice Turnbull, JORNAL DO BRASIL, 07/19/2012)

“The great concern of the Gaucho director is in telling his story, the greatest commitment in his art is to the human element. In this way, Gerbase arrives at his fifth feature settling a solid career in his principles and interests towards the man and his cinema.”
(Vlademir Lazo, CINEPLAYERS, 07/22/2012)

“Gerbase is part of the narrow list of Brazilian filmmakers that make you think. The film, adapted from a short story by Arthur Schnitzler, gain new meanings after it’s finished. It can be ‘read’ up as a reflection on the method.To have access to the past and to the soul, as well as the ‘truth’, everything depends on the way of approach. Gerbase’s psychiatrist proposes a comprehensive method, based on empathy, in accepting the other trying to feel his pain and understanding his strangeness.”
(Juremir Machado da Silva, CORREIO DO POVO, 07/24/2012)

“(…) Less Than Nothing is able to hold attention precisely because of the unprecedented themes of archeology and psychoanalysis in the midst of a typical detective story. The mix is ​​rare to be seen in Brazilian cinema, and is presented satisfactorily by director Carlos Gerbase.”
(Francisco Russo, ADORO CINEMA)


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