International Day

During the International day, a fifth-grade class starts a small revolution in the school rules.

Directed by: Iuli Gerbase
Screenplay: Iuli Gerbase and Luís Mário Fontoura
Producer: Luciana Tomasi
Cinematography: Bruno Polidoro
Art Direction: Ana Julia Fortes
Editing: Bruno Carboni
Sound Design: Augusto Stern and Fernando Efron
Felipe Kannenberg (Ricardo) Nadya Mendes (Adelaide) Girley Paes (Professor Joel) Juh Vargas (Rita) Helena Becker (Lisa) Ryan Telles (Chico) Francisco Fleck (Fabinho)
Best Film (Popular Jury) 17th Florianópolis Children’s Film Festival


  • 17th Florianópolis Children’s Film Festival (Brazil, 2018)
  • 19th Festivalzinho de Cinema de Vitória (Brazil, 2018)
  • 20th Fest Curtas BH –Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival (Brazil, 2018) – Children’s Exhibition 
  • 52nd Brasilia Film Festival (Brazil, 2019) – Parallel Exhibition

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