The Pink Cloud

A mysterious and deadly pink cloud appears in the skies, spreading dramatically across the world, forcing everyone to stay at home. Giovana is confined in an apartment with Yago, a man she met at a party the night before. While waiting for the cloud to pass, the two have to invent themselves as a couple. Over the years, while Yago is living his own utopia, Giovana feels trapped deep Inside.

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Written and directed by: Iuli Gerbase
Executive Producer: Patrícia Barbieri
Cinematography: Bruno Polidoro
Art Direction: Bernardo Zortea
Production Management: Gina O'Donnell
Editing: Vicente Moreno
Post Production Supervisors: Daniel Dode e Gustavo Zuchowski
Sound Design: Kiko Ferraz e Chrístian Vaisz
Mixing: Ricardo Costa
Original Soundtrack: Caio Amon
Renata de Lélis (Giovana) Eduardo Mendonça (Yago) Helena Becker (Júlia) Kaya Rodrigues (Sara) Girley Brasil Paes (Rui)
25th Sofia International Film Festival Winner Grand Prix – International Competition
38th Filmfest München One Future Award - Honorary Mention
3rd Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin Best Feature Film
54th Edition - SITGES - Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya Blood Window Award


  • 2021 Sundance International Film Festival (USA)
  • 38th Miami Film Festival (USA)
  • 25th Sofia International Film Festival (Bulgaria)
  • 2021 William and Mary Global Film Festival (USA)
  • 37th Chicago Latino Film Festival (USA)
  • 47th Seattle International Film Festival (USA)
  • 45th Cleveland International Film Festival (USA)
  • 2021 Mooov Film Festival (Belgium)
  • 2021 Milwaukee Film Festival (USA)
  • 2021 Season Film Festival – Helsinki International Film Festival Spring Edition (Finland)
  • 24th Shanghai International Film Festival (China)
  • 38th Filmfest München (Germany)
  • 25th Bifan – Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (South Korea)
  • 20th Transilvania International Film Festival (Romania)
  • 21st New Horizons International Film Festival (Poland)
  • 54th Sitges – Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya (Spain)
  • 3rd Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin (Germany)
  • 21st Kaohsiung Film Festival (Taiwan)
  • 21st Trieste Science+Fiction Festival (Italy)
  • 10th Los Cabos International Film Festival (Mexico)
  • 25th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival – Pöff (Estonia)

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