One Year in Vortex

The Project “One Year in Vortex” proposes a series of 10 half-hour episodes that tell the story of the bar-studio-record shop called “Vortex” (1987-1988) and of the hundreds of rock musicians and fans that used to hang out there while still very young. These people may not be young anymore, but they keep many memories, which will be recorded in a series of interviews produced in a sound studio in Porto Alegre. Whenever possible, the members of a band that performed at Vortex will be gathered and, after watching their performances from 30 years ago (the concerts were recorded in VHS and screened at the bar), they may share stories and perform their best hits once again. Thus, besides inevitable nostalgia, we may rekindle traits of the amazing creativity of the 1980’s – which are still very much alive.

Despite the studio’s and its equipment’s simplicity, Vortex gave rise to a huge collection of pictures, videos and, mainly, of music, which was to be used for the release of Vortex Records, which in its turn came about in 1985 to release the first record by Os Replicantes. The record ended up embracing the intense rock production in Porto Alegre. There were more than 20 releases in cassette and 8 in VHS which were distributed on the store’s counter and via mail to anyone in Brazil. All of these sound and video originals were preserved, including cover artworks, thus forming rare and unreleased archive material that is precious to the editing of the short videos and the documentary.

Written and Directed by: Carlos Gerbase
Cinematography: Marcelo Nunes
Editing: Alexander Desmouceaux

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