3 F’s – 2007

Sissi, a young woman whose father is a widower and unemployed, struggles to support her family and dreams of sharing an apartment with her boyfriend, a soccer player. Martina lives in a more stable financial situation, but struggles to be desired again by his husband, or by the first one that appears. Giane has changed her life and can influence Sissi’s future. According to Prof. Valadares, these three women are just trying to quench their most basic appetites: Hunger, Sex and Fasma (in Portuguese, 3 F’s).

“3 F’s” had a revolutionary simultaneous release in four different media: on the same day (December 7, 2007) was shown in theaters; on open TV and cable, on the internet, and was also made available on DVD.

Directed by: Carlos Gerbase
Producer: Carlos Gerbase
Screenplay: Carlos Gerbase
Cinematography: João Divino
Art Direction: Paula Piussi
Soundtrack: Laura L e Músicas Intermináveis para Viagem
Production Director: Diego Sardão, Glauco Firpo e Pedro Guindani
Editing: Giba Assis Brasil
Cristina Kessler (Sissi) Carla Cassapo (Martina) Leonardo Machado (Rogério) Felipe de Paula (Betinho) Paulo Rodriguez (William) Ana Maria Mainieri (Giane)
2nd Festival de Cinema da Floresta – Mato Grosso (Brazil, 2008) Best Film

“Carlos Gerbase is making history. Aesthetically, it also represents a leap of quality. (…) His plot mixes several characters in stories of sex and food that take place in Porto Alegre. (…) The great thing is that 3 F’s, shot in 20 days with a mini-DV, makes this simplicity its weapon to try to win the public. (…) Nothing against ambition (author, intellectual, professional). But in the case of the features produced by Casa de Cinema, the simpler has been the better.”
(Luiz Carlos Merten, O ESTADO DE SÃO PAULO, 12/07/2007)

“With an opening reminiscent of Jorge Furtado’s short film ‘Ilha das Flores’ (1989), 3 F’s tells parallel stories that converge to explain a fictional character’s thesis on the ‘great appetites of humanity’: hunger, sex and phantasy. (…) The tone of farce, however, acts as a kind of antidote to the weaknesses of the history. More significant than the film itself is the alternative path to which it points with its release.”
(Sérgio Rizzo, FOLHA DE SÃO PAULO, 12/07/2007)

“The experience is unique, the chances of watching it are many. Today, Porto Alegre director Carlos Gerbase presents the audience 3 F’s, his fifth feature film, in an innovative way in Brazil and, so far as is known, in the world. And this audience is who chooses how and where to watch, and whether or not to pay for the program. (…) The feature highlights an authorial brand that Gerbase brings since its days of Super-8: characters that get entangled in dramas and unusual situations to satiate sexual desires and fantasies.”
(Marcelo Perrone, ZERO HORA, 12/07/2007)

“The story is very contemporary and portrays the daily lives of urban characters and their difficulties. (…) Urban world, cruel and competitive, with lives dancing around sex and money as it usually is in big cities. An interesting, entertaining story with well-written characters and with which young audiences may be able to identify.”
(Luis Zanin, O ESTADO DE SÃO PAULO, 12/07/2007)

“Gerbase addressesserious, delicateissues. But he gives them a light, unassuming, amoral treatment – including the discussions he makes about prostitution and betrayal in marriage. (…) The youthful energy that springs from 3 F’s recalls that of ‘Two Summers‘. It only exists because of this relaxed treatment of thorny subjects – similar to the adolescent view of these subjects. It’s the charm of the movie.”
(Daniel Feix, ZERO HORA, 12/13/2007)

“Simple narratives, unfortunately not so commom in the big screen, about small real dramas. 3 F’s and [the production company] Casa de Cinema de Porto Alegre innovate against a good part of the production coming from Rio and São Paulo.”
(Catarina Scortecci, FOLHA DE LONDRINA, 12/13/2007)

“By opting for lightness and humor, the director allows the narrative to conclude in an appropriate and fun way.”
(Hélio Nascimento, JORNAL DO COMÉRCIO, 12/14/2007)


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