Fight Like a Girl

Fight Like a Girl is an eight-episode comedy/fantasy that speaks about places of speech and its meanings and consequences – for good and bad. The story is situated in nowadays Rio de Janeiro.

The film’s background is the story of Henrique Klaus, a failure of a writer who uses a woman’s name to enter a literary contest to find the next Brazilian woman writer. Klaus comes up with the pseudonym “Clarice Clair” and writes a book inspired by the Elena Ferrante phenomenon – who, according to rumors, is, in fact, a man. However, his lack of intimate knowledge about woman’s issues blocks his way.

This is where the series becomes a fantasy in which Klaus creates, in his fiction, Maria Ana, who decides to help him write the novel and thus becomes a legitimate ghostwriter. Written by four hands, the book titled FIGHT LIKE A GIRL wins the contest. And Clarice Clair goes on to become the best-selling author in the country.


Written by: Cláudia Tajes e Theo Lima

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