Prana Filmes

The Future of the Land

(Betacam, 14 min, color, 1997)
(1.33, Mono Magnetic Sound)

At the May 30 Settlement in Charqueadas, Rio Grande do Sul, 40 families settled in 1990 show that it’s possible to resist, produce and live collectively on land. Just an example of how Brazilian land can be generous when men and women work for the future of all.


Written and directed by: Werner Schünemann
Executive Producers: Luciana Tomasi and Nora Goulart
Cinematograph: Alex Sernambi
Soundtrack: Ricardo Severo
Production Director: Rodrigo Soprana
Editing: Giba Assis Brasil
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director: Amabile Rocha

Main Cast
Bira Brasil (Narrator)


– 3º Festival Terra em Foco (Brazil, 1999):
Best Video


“Director and screenwriter Werner Schünemanntakes viewers to the May 30 Settlement, in Santa Rita, Rio Grande do Sul, to reveal the children’s imagination and desires. The care of the director of photography, Alex Sernambi, is evident in the beauty of the images that portray with lyricism the daily life of the settlements and the activities of the children.”