Prana Filmes

The Body of Flávia

(35 mm, 15 min, color, 1990)
(1.33, Mono Optical Sound)

A 15-year-old girl is beaten by her father and seeks shelter at a friend’s house. Between tears and sobs, she watches her friend’s father. He feels sorry for thegirl, but she is also a woman. Tonight they will have to discover the difference between passion and compassion.


Written and directed by: Carlos Gerbase
Producer: Luciana Tomasi
Cinematography: Robert Henkin
Art Direction: Rogério Nazari
Soundtrack: Os Replicantes and Ricardo Cordeiro
Production Manager: Betty Perrenoud
Editing: Giba Assis Brasil

Main Cast
Ana Moura (Flávia)
João Batista Diemer (Heitor)
Daniela Schmitz (Bárbara)
Nelson Ebelt (César)


– 2º Prêmio Iecine (Brazil, 1989):
Production Support

– 18º Festival de Gramado (Brazil, 1990):
Best Cinematography of Short Films from Rio Grande do Sul

– 13ª Jornada de Cinema e Video do Maranhão (Brazil, 1990):
Highlight of the Popular Jury (selected among the 4 best films) and Breakthrough Actress (to Ana Moura)


The Body of Flávia mixes humor with Brazilian soap operas to tell the story of a young schoolgirl beaten by her father, who, having taken refuge with a friend, begins to question him on his taste for erotic photography.”
(Isabelle Regnier, LE MONDE, 02/13/2004)